Conveyancing Leasehold Flats in Kingston upon Thames

The Fridaysmove panel includes a number of Conveyancing Solicitors in Kingston, all of whom are selected for their experience in the Kingston upon Thames and are familiar with issues common to the area.

They handle purchases and sales of all manner of houses and apartments, and are fully conversant with all aspects of Conveyancing in Kingston, including the complexities of leasehold flats.

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames encompasses many popular residential areas; apart from Kingston these include Surbiton, Chessington and Mew Malden. Conveyancing searches are carried out with the Local Land Charges Team, The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Guildhall, High Street, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU Direct line: 020 8547 4634.

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In Kingston, Conveyancing Solicitors have had to arrange registration of title of all homes on sales completed since 1952, so titles to the majority of residential properties in Kingston have now been registered at the land registry. This enables Conveyancing Solicitors to carry out Conveyancing in Kingston swiftly and conveniently, especially as the land registry now has facilities enabling Property Lawyers to obtain copies of title entries and documents electronically.

If the local search shows that a home is located within one of Kingston’s 26 conservation areas, then the buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will particularly want details of any alterations or works which the seller has carried out, especially works which would affect the look of the exterior, such as replacement windows and doors. Such works to properties in conservation areas will usually require approval from Kingston Council, and if this has not been obtained then the seller may have to approach the council for retrospective consent.

When selling leasehold apartments in Kingston, especially those in larger blocks, the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitors will need to contact the freeholders or management company which is responsible for arranging the maintenance of the building in which the flat is located, and obtain a management information pack. This should contain copies of previous years’ service charge accounts as well as the estimate for the current year’s expenditure, with details of any planned major works or other unusual expenditure which may be incurred after the sale has been completed. Buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will also require a copy of the buildings insurance and current schedule to confirm that the building is adequately insured.

All of this information is required for Conveyancing in Kingston to ensure that a building is being properly managed, and also that the sellers are not in arrears with any payments due under the lease.

For all Conveyancing in the area, whatever type of home you are buying or selling, a Solicitor recommended by Fridaysmove can provide Fast, Cheap Conveyancing in Kingston.