Home in Hounslow subject to 1907 Restriction!

Jane Lim, Fridaysmove 's recommended Solicitor for Conveyancing  in Hounslow, had an interesting time when she undertook the transfer of a property in Grantham Road on behalf of Mrs G.  The Land Registry Documentation revealed that the property was subject to rights/covenants/restrictions as set out in a Conveyance dated March 1907.  It was of utmost importance that Jane check with the seller's Conveyancing Solicitors  to  ensure that these restrictions  were fully  complied with .  

The Estate Agent was Edward D’Arc branch covering Hounslow, assisted the client with the sale agreement, settling on the price of £585, 000.  

Although there were no adverse conditions or findings from the local searches obtained from the local authority, Hounslow Council Borough of London, further delays occurred when it was discovered from the Land Registry Documentation that the seller had owned the property for less than 5 years.  

When a property is owned for less than 5 years, lawyers working on Conveyancing in Hounslow need to investigate further as there is chance the transfer could be set aside if it was established that the property within that 5 year period was a Transfer at Undervalue.  

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