Conveyancing in High Wycombe, HP10 – Brownfield Sites and Environmental Contamination

There are several risks associated with owning a property that is situated on a brownfield site; Fridaysmove ’s Conveyancing in High Wycombe Solicitors can ensure that you are educated in regards to these risks.

Recent developments in High Wycombe are showing a tendency towards housing being built on brownfield sites. Although this can result in more affordable house prices and may be an attractive option for first time buyers, you need to be aware of hidden risks which can make a home uninsurable and unlikely to sell. Research indicates that the most common problem to plague these areas in High Wycombe is flooding, but there are also a number of cases of toxic contamination, extremely poor drainage and sewage overflowing back into the property. Our Conveyancing in High Wycombe professionals can help you identify these issues at an early stage and before they become a cause for major concern.
Like many urban areas, the High Wycombe district has a significant history of industrial usage. Former industry in the district includes old landfill sites, former factories (especially furniture), paper mills, gas works and military land. These former land uses have the potential to leave contamination in the ground, which if not properly dealt with, can affect land quality and pose a risk to human health, water supplies, natural habitats and property. Fridaysmove ’s Conveyancing in High Wycombe Solicitors will contact the Wycombe District Council, as there is a legal responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to ensure that these sites are clearly identified and suitable for habitation/purpose.

In July 2010, Fridaysmove Conveyancer Matthew Rumbold conducted the Conveyancing in High Wycombe on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. K for the purchase of a house in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10. Matthew exchanged copies of the contract with the seller’s Conveyancing solicitor, Hine and Associates in Buckinghamshire. The estate agent was the Hamptons International branch covering Buckinghamshire. Matthew also investigated the planning permissions that were identified to ensure that they did not interfere with couple’s plans for their new home. Despite issues, the transfer of this property was successfully completed.

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