Conveyancer in highlights importance of planning permission

Conveyancing in Harrow on behalf of buyers Mr. and Mrs. B was dealt with by Solicitor Irene Bonsu-Amoako for the acquisition of a dwelling on Cavendish Avenue, Harrow, HA1.

There were a number of covenants affecting the dwelling as set out in a transfer of the land, dated 4 April 1933. It was important for Irene to not only ensure that the previous owners had complied with these restrictions but also to bring them to the attention of her clients. Home owners should be aware that covenant consent is completely separate to planning permission or building regulation approval and approval must be sought from both the council and the individual that benefits from the covenant.

Upon reviewing the details, the following was revealed in regards to trees on the property, although there was no tree preservation order affecting the land on the part of the local authority:

“A purchaser shall not fell or damage any of the trees on his plot without the consent in writing of the vendors such consent not to be unreasonably withheld and shall keep all hedges and ditches thereon trimmed and cleared nor shall any purchaser plant any forest trees upon any plot or plots nearer to any building or site of such than 25 feet. ”

The local authority search for Conveyancing in Harrow was carried out via Harrow Borough Council and revealed the following planning entries relating to the property:

  • LBH/21290: Single storey rear extension (11/05/1982)
  • WEST/308/95/FUL: Single storey front extension incorporating porch (19/07/1995)
  • LBH/2879: Erection of bedroom over existing garage (decision pending)
  • BR/550/FR: Garage extension (decision pending)
  • CP/17785/2008: Installation of a gas boiler (05/08/2008)

Further documents, including copies of approvals and completion certificates, were requested from the council’s planning department at the Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XF.

Conveyancing in Harrow on behalf of the vendors was dealt with by The Legal Practice Ltd. at 100 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HR. Responses to the additional enquiries raised by Irene on behalf of the buyers were replied to promptly and without any delays.

The handling estate agent was the Brian Cox and Company branch at 182 Mansell Road, Harrow, HA1 3QP.

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