Solicitor completes conveyancing in Churchdown in Gloucester

Conveyancing in Gloucester for a mid-terrace dwelling at The Manor, Churchdown, Gloucester, GL3 was carried out by Fridaysmove -approved Solicitor Jane Lim.

The charges register of the official copies revealed the following information pertaining to the property:

(16. 06. 1988) A Way leave Agreement and Consent dated 18 June 1987 made between (1) Clifton Homes Limited (Grantors) and (2) The Midlands Electricity Board contains provisions in the following terms:-

"The Grantor(s) hereby give(s) the Board full and free licence and liberty and consent for the Board its servants workmen and others authorised by them to lay and use and thereafter from time to time repair inspect and maintain re-lay and remove electric lines as the Board shall require for the transmission and distribution of electricity and the necessary service turrets ducts pipes and other apparatus appurtenant thereto (herein collectively referred to as "the said electric lines") (the right hereby granted to include the right to lay additional apparatus to that originally erected and laid in contradistinction from and in addition to the right already given to replace apparatus) over on and or under the said land shown on the plan Nod. 0715726 annexed hereto and for any of the purposes aforesaid to enter upon the said land to execute all or any of such works as aforesaid and to break up and excavate so much of the said land as may from time to time be necessary and remove and dispose of any surplus earth PROVIDED that in so doing the Board shall cause as little damage as may be to the said land and shall so far as practicable make good and restore the surface thereof"

The said Agreement and Consent also contains the following conditions:-

"THE Grantor(s) hereby AGREE(S) with the Board:-

(i) That they will not erect or permit to be erected any building or erection of any kind whatsoever or plant any trees under over or in close proximity to the said electric lines without first obtaining the prior approval of the Board such approval not to be unreasonably withheld

(ii) Not to raise or lower the level of the said land which would in any way affect the rights hereby licensed. "

The planning register of the local authority search carried out via the council at the Council Offices, Gloucester Road, Gloucestershire, GL20 5TT revealed the following permissions:

  • 04/01831/FUL – The change of use of part of The Manor to a separate residential unit and the erection of a building to provide the communal facilities including warden’s accommodation Conditional Planning Permission dated 24/08/2005
  • 05/00241/LBC – Removal of external doors and windows and blocking up of openings. (Grade II Star Listed Building Ref. No 28/26). Conditional Planning Permission dated 14/04/2005
  • 87/00081/FUL – Alterations to existing dwelling to provide communal facilities and three flats in connection with sheltered housing scheme. Conditional Planning Permission dated 05/08/1987
  • 87/00079/FUL – Erection of retirement homes complex, comprising 41 dwellings together with alterations to The Manor House to provide a wardens flat, guest and communal facilities. Construction of a new vehicular and pedestrian access (revised application). Conditional Planning Permission dated 03/07/1987
  • 87/00078/FUL – Erection of retirement homes complex, comprising 41 dwellings together with alteration to The Manor House to provide a wardens flat, guest and communal facilities.

The other side was represented by Lane & Co. Solicitors at St Georges House, 101 Saint George's Place, GL50 3QZ.

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