Conveyancing Explained – Why Conveyancing Solicitors Charge For Expedited Completions

Expedition is where you require, or you agree to the other party’s requirement for a speedy conveyancing transaction.   There are a variety of reasons for this which may include you or another party in your chain purchasing a property from a developer (they normally stipulate that exchange of contracts takes place within 28 days of an offer being accepted).  

Please advise your Conveyancing solicitor if time constraints are an issue to you as your matter will then be given priority.   This may result in you incurring  further legal fees and administrative costs, as extra time and staffing will be assigned to deal with your transaction as quickly as we can.   This may include searches being expedited, various documents being prepared and couriered to the relevant parties for signature, and you being invited to attend our offices to deal with the final paperwork for the sake of speed.

When instructed by a client, of course every effort is made to bring matters to a speedy conclusion.   However, Increased legal fees will result in your file being dealt with on a high priority basis by a Conveyancing Lawyer who will ensure your file is “at the top of the pile” so to speak.

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