Conveyancing Documents – Local Authority Searches

Local Authority Searches provided by local authorities has long been a central part of the property conveyancing  transaction process. In addition, over recent years home buyers and their conveyancing lawyers advisers have requested increasing quantities of property-related information held by other agencies, for example water and sewerage undertakers. There is an increasing range of information available from these and other sources. Much of this is of potential interest to home buyers.

Local Authority search enquiries made of the local authority will reveal:

  •  any local land charges affecting the property;
  • whether the authorised use of the property is as a dwelling;
  • whether planning permission and building
  • control approval were given for any extension or other alteration to the property;
  • whether the property is a listed building or situated in a conservation area, and if so whether the requisite consents have been given for any alterations;
  • whether the local authority has issued any notices relating to the property, for example relating to building works, environment or highways;
  •  whether the local authority has found it necessary to take steps in relation to any contamination affecting the property or any adjoining or adjacent land.