Conveyancing in Dartford - Can't see the wood for the trees?

The life of a Local Conveyancer can turn up some tricky issues, and our Dartford Conveyancing team's recent work in the local area is a great example of this. With a value of £154k, the freehold home transacted with the assistance of Fridaysmove Dartford Conveyancer featured an unusual tree preservation order. Located on leafy St Peters Close, it may well have been the sylvan beauty of the location which attracted the attention of the buyer, Miss G, who promptly instructed our Conveyancer Catherine to act.

Upon receipt of the paperwork for the draft contract, such as transfer deeds, replies to requisitions on title, and standard conditions, Catherine leapt into action. As is usually the case, on the very same day, detailed Dartford Conveyancing enquiries prepared by Catherine were sent out.

The Land Registry documentation contained notification of restrictions or covenants, for this residence in the local authority area of Dartford council, leading the Conveyancing Solicitor to confirm that these had been met. Following this research, the sales memorandum detailing the registered owner's conveyancing lawyer, Martin Tolhurst Partnership, was sent by the agents, prior to delivery of the draft contract.   The estate agent was the The Property Shop estate agents branch covering the Dartford area.  
A tree preservation order existed at the property, but this was no simple case of a single, old oak tree. . .

Following the Town & Country Planning Act 1990, an order preserving trees was confirmed and registered in 1991, entitled 'TPO No. 3 1991'. Information received from Dartford council revealed that this was, in fact, an area TPO and as such covered every single tree within the vicinity, which includes all of St Peters and St Pauls Closes - No small matter, then, and certainly something which the buyer ought to be aware of when making their decision.

These restrictions are not always something to be feared - if the purchaser is looking  for an arboreal atmosphere, then such a order would be a considerable comfort to them, and may even be the final 'nudge' or deciding factor for their successful completion. Another triumph for Conveyancing in Dartford, and probably for squirrels in Dartford too!