Conveyancing in Dartford – Purchase of a freehold residential property

Elaine Fannon handled the Conveyancing of a freehold home in Dartford in September 2010, for purchasers Mr. and Mrs. H. The property was located at Pinewood Place, Dartford, Kent, DA2 and valued at approximately £322, 000. 00. There were several restrictions registered to the property as set out in the Dartford Conveyancing documentation that was obtained from the land registry dating back to 2003. It was crucial that Elaine check with the registered proprietors Conveyancing Solicitor to ensure that all of the aforementioned restrictions had been complied with. Additional Conveyancing enquiries were served within the same day of receiving sale documentation.

The results of the environmental search revealed that the property was at risk for natural flooding.   Elaine needed to check with the seller and their Conveyancing Solicitor, Gill Turner Tucker, whether or not the property had ever suffered from flooding and to ensure that adequate insurance coverage was obtained by her clients.

Over 5 million people in throughout the country live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Home owners should be prepared for flooding by making a plan for you and your family and finding ways to reduce the impact of flooding to your home as it could save your life and your property. Elaine provided her clients with the all the information they needed in regards to flooding and the effects it could have on their home.

The local authority district for the home is Dartford council at the Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford DA1 1DR. For details of local issues and concerns, you can consult their website.

The estate agent was the Park Estates branch covering Dartford, DA5 1AH.

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