Conveyancing in Croydon reveals extensive planning history

Conveyancing in Croydon for the transfer of a property on Chepstow Road, Croydon, CR0 was dealt with by Solicitor Catherine Williams on behalf of the vendors of the dwelling. Upon instruction, Catherine prepared the draft contract and gathered all relevant documents to be forwarded to the purchaser’s Solicitor, including guarantees, supplementary deeds, property information forms and planning documents.

The results of the local authority search and related information in regards to environmental issues affecting the area were obtained from Croydon Borough Council (Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 3JS).

The land charges register revealed the following information:

  • TPO No. 5 1971 - made by the council on 07. 05. 1971. The provisions of section 16 of the civic amenities act 1967 apply to this order which took effect on the 7 May 1971. The TPO was confirmed by the council as an unopposed order on the 16 July 1971. (registered 12. 05. 1971)
  • Borough of Croydon (No. 13) Smoke Control Order 1971 - came into operation on 1 July 1972. The secretary of state for the environment confirmed the order on 7 June 1971. (registered 01. 07. 1972)

An email was sent to the council by the handling Solicitor requesting more information about the above preservation order and the boundaries that it covers to ascertain whether or not it applied to the property.

In addition to the details above, the planning register revealed the following applications that were submitted to the council for works carried out at the dwelling by the vendors and previous owners.

  • 99/00021/T - pruning works to 15 protected trees under TPO No. 4 1970 and No. 5 1971 (Approved 21. 01. 2000)
  • 03/01973/T - schedule of tree pruning and removal under TPO No. 4 1970 and No. 5 1971(Approved 10. 11. 2003)
  • 05/04837/T - to fell 1 rowan TPO No. 5 1971 (09. 11. 2005)
  • 07/01154/T – additional pruning works, including the reduction of a cherry tree and raising the crown of a silver birch.

Copies of the approvals for the above works were also requested from the council as confirmation for the purchasers that the works were carried out in compliance with building regulations and planning restrictions.

Conveyancing in Croydon for this leasehold abode was completed according to schedule, to the satisfaction of both parties involved.

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