Fast completion despite 1984 restrictions on Coventry home

Fridaysmove -approved Solicitor Laura Gill handled the Conveyancing in Coventry for a freehold property on Woodway Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 in July 2010.

Upon reviewing the land registry documentation pertaining to the property, it was revealed that the property was subject to a series of restrictions as set out in a transfer dated 30/11/1994 which Laura carefully checked to ensure that they had been fully complied with.

The following are details of the covenants contained in the Conveyance dated 14 March 1984 referred to in the Charges Register: -

THE Purchaser with the intent and so as to bind the property hereby conveyed and each and every part thereof into whosoever hands the same may come and to benefit and protect the retained land and each and every part thereof hereby covenants with the Vendors to observe and perform the covenants set out in the Second Part of the Fourth Schedule hereto

PART II – Negative Covenants

To run with the land hereby conveyed for the benefit of the retained land

1. Not to use any building erected upon the land hereby conveyed or any part thereof other than for private residential purposes with or without garage and outbuildings appurtenant thereto and not to do or suffer to be done on the land hereby conveyed or any part thereof or in or upon any building to be erected thereon anything that shall be a nuisance to the Vendors or their assigns or persons or person for the time being owning or occupying any of the land adjacent to or in the neighbourhood of the land hereby conveyed and not to use any such buildings for any trade or manufacture nor to use the same for a Public House Club Off License or for the sale manufacture or consumption of intoxicating liquor (other than the consumption thereof in private domestic circumstances)

2. Not at any time hereafter to erect or make any building or obstruction in front of any building line approved by the Local Planning Authority and to lay out and maintain any such land between such Building line and the back edge of any pavement as lawns and access paths and driveways with such flower beds trees shrubs or hedges as the Purchaser may wish but in compliance with any planning directions applicable thereto.

Laura ordered a local land charges search which is undertaken as part of the Conveyancing process when a property or a piece of land is being purchased, leased, valued or re-mortgaged to uncover any restrictions or legal obligations against the site such as tree preservation orders, conditional planning consents, conservation areas, listed buildings, etc. .

The following entries were revealed in the results of the search carried out by Coventry City Council, Legal and Democratic Services Directorate, Council House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR.

3-3684-2004 - Subject to conditions for residential development and construction of car park (10 spaces). 25/08/1981

3-3696-2004 – Subject to conditions for erection of 6 houses, 4 bungalows and service road. 01/10/1984

3-3706-2004 – Subject to conditions for erection of 4 detached houses and garages. 27/03/1987

4-5670-2001 – Coventry (No. 27) Smoke Control Order, 1981. 01/04/1982

The estate agent for the property was the Brian Holt branch covering Coventry at 51 Hertford Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 1LB.

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