Conveyancing in Brent – Solicitor investigates planning history at dwelling

Conveyancing in Brent for a freehold residence on Brondesbury Park, Brent, NW2 was handled by Solicitor Jaclyn Smith on behalf of buyers Mr. and Mrs. F.

The home is situated within the boundaries of Brent Council at the Town Hall, Forty Lane, Brent, HA9 9HD. The local authority search that is carried out when Conveyancing in Brent, revealed several entries relating to the planning history at the dwelling, including an application for the construction of a vehicle cross-over to the front of the house.

Further information was requested by Jaclyn from the council, including copies of planning approvals and completion certificates which were examined thoroughly to ensure that the works were carried out in accordance with building regulations. Upon reviewing the decision notice for the vehicle cross-over, it was revealed that the council had refused permission for this application. The following reasons supported the decision:

  1. The proposed development would not provide sufficient room to safely manoeuvre a vehicle in and out of the proposed parking area from Brondesbury Park and relies in addition on the removal of boundary treatment to an excessive width. This is contrary to policy TRN15 of the replacement unitary development plan (2000-2010) and supplementary planning guidance 3 (forming access onto a road).
  2. The provision of adequate manoeuvring space would prevent adequate soft landscaping and boundary treatment in the front garden. This would be detrimental to the street scene and would be contrary to policies E4 of the adopted plan and BE7 of the replacement plan and supplementary planning guidance 4 (parking in front gardens).

Solicitors when Conveyancing in Brent on behalf of buyers have a duty to ensure that all necessary planning permissions and building regulations approvals have been obtained in respect of the construction of the property and any changes to it.

Additional enquiries raised by Jaclyn to the seller’s Solicitor were responded to promptly, enabling the transaction to progress towards the final stages.

The contract of sale was received from the estate agent, Camerons Stiff at 275 Willesden Lane, Brent, NW2 5JA shortly before the final exchange of details between Jaclyn and the seller’s Solicitor at Pothecary Witham Weld.

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