Conveyancing in Bournemouth – Solicitor completes on sale of 125 year leasehold flat

Fridaysmove -approved Conveyancing Solicitor Joanne Yamat acted on behalf of the vendors for the sale of a 125 year leasehold flat valued at £195, 000 and located at Belle Vue Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 in November 2010.

A copy of the lease was supplied by Joanne, on behalf of the vendors, for the review of the purchaser’s Conveyancing Solicitor.   Contained in the lease was a schedule of restrictions and stipulations, including the following:

  • To use the demised premises as a private residence in the occupation of a single family only and to maintain the garden comprised within the demised premises in a neat and tidy state and condition properly cultivated.
  • To use the car parking spaces comprised within the demised premises for two private motor vehicles in a clean and roadworthy condition and properly taxed belonging to the tenant or a member of his family.
  • Not to suffer or permit any mats, rugs, or other articles to be shaken or beaten outside the building or in or about any balcony thereof.
  • Not to keep any petrol, oil, or other combustible dangerous or offensive substance or goods upon the estate except in so far as the same may be in the tank of motor vehicles parked there or may be necessary for or in connection with the reasonable occupation of the demised premises.
  • Not to use the amenity are or any outside parts of the building or the balcony or terrace of the demised premises or the garden comprised within the demised premises for the purpose of hanging or drying clothes, linen, or other articles of personal or domestic use.
  • Not to use the access roads or permit the same to be used for the parking of vehicles except in the casual car parking spaces provided and marked as such.
  • Not to make or suffer to be made any alteration or change in the external appearance of the demised premises (including the balcony) save as regards internal curtains or blinds.
  • Not to do or permit or suffer anything in or upon the demised premises or any part thereof which may be or become a nuisance, damage, disturbance, danger or annoyance to the landlord or the owners tenants or occupiers of the nearby premises or other tenants or the neighbourhood nor commit or suffer to be committed any waste spoil or destruction on the estate.
  • Not to allow any auction to be held at the demised premises.

The other side was represented by  Turners Solicitors, located at 1 Poole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 5QQ.

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