Conveyancing for Purchase of home on Ramsey Close Blackpool exchanges

Conveyancing in Blackpool for a dwelling located on Ramsey Close, Lancashire, FY8 was carried out by Solicitor Matthew Rumbold on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. K.

The local council in Blackpool is located at the Customer First Centre in the Municipal Building on Corporation Street, FY1 1NF.

Details from a transfer of the land dated the 8th of April 1980 highlighted the following restrictions:

  • Not to use the property hereinbefore described or any other building erected on the land hereby transferred for any purpose other than that of a private dwelling house.
  • No building erected on the land hereby transferred shall be rebuilt or added to or altered externally and no new buildings shall be erected on the land hereby transferred without prior consent in writing of the transferor.
  • No buildings or erections of any descriptions (including gates walls fences or hedges) shall be built construed or grown in front of the building line.
  • No caravan house on wheels or other chattel adapted or intended for use as a dwelling or sleeping place shall be erected made placed or built or allowed to stand on the land hereby transferred or any part thereof.
  • Not to erect on the land hereby transferred a motor garage in any materials other than materials similar to those used in the construction of the dwelling house and in accordance with plans to be deposited with the local authority and approved by such authority.
  • To pay a fair proportion of the expenses payable for the repair or renewal or maintenance of the sewers or drains referred to in paragraph 2 of the first schedule hereto.
  • At all times hereafter to maintain the grassed area shown coloured brown on the said plan annexed hereto and to keep the same in a neat and tidy condition and not to plant any trees shrubs or plants thereon or erect or construct any building wall or fence.

The seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor was Easthams at Continental House, 292/302 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3QA.

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