Parking space in Bath sells for substantial sum with Fridaysmove

A Fridaysmove Conveyancing Solicitor in Bath was intrigued by an enquiry from a gentleman looking to sell half of his garage near the prestigious Royal Crescent. Parking space in the central Bath area is at a premium, and property owners in the area who can sell land for parking can make a handsome profit. This client's house included a larger than average garage, and he had realised that if he could build a dividing wall and separate the garage into two, each part would still be wide enough to take an average modern car, so he could sell one off and retain the other for his own use.   Sounded like a job for the Fridaysmove Bath Conveyancing squad.

He was advised to check with Bath and North East Somerset Council, the local authority for the area, how the Planning and Building Regulations would affect his proposals. Planning consent would probably not have been required but the building in which the garage was situated was a listed building in a conservation area, which substantially restricts any alterations to such buildings without consent. Fortunately, Bath Council felt that it was helpful to achieve additional off-street parking, and gave the necessary permissions.

The new garage was then advertised for sale with a local agent, and they received a considerable amount interest so that a buyer was soon found at a very significant price.
Because the garage formed part of the legal title to a larger building, it was necessary for the Conveyancing Solicitors in Bath to draw up a Transfer of Part, so that the buyer would obtain a new Land Registry title. The seller wanted to make sure that neither the buyer nor any subsequent owner used the garage for any other purposes, and did not do anything to cause a nuisance to the inhabitants of the adjacent house, so appropriate provisions were included in the Transfer.

Needless to say, the Fridaysmove Conveyancers in Bath were understandably pleased with the result!

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