Conveyancing in Basingstoke transaction completed by Fridaysmove-approved Solicitor

Fridaysmove -approved Conveyancing Solicitor Jane Lim was instructed to handle the purchase transaction of a home on Doswell Way, South View, Basingstoke, RG21, on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. S in April 2010.  

The seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor was Neale Turk LLP at 74 Bounty Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3BZ.

The property is located within the local authority district of Basingstoke and Deane Council at Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 4AH.

The land registry documentation revealed that the property was subject to a number of rights as set out in a transfer dated 20/03/1995, including the following:

1. The full right of subjacent and lateral support from the Reserved Land for the benefit of the Property and each and every part thereof.

2. The free and uninterrupted right to the passage and running of water soil gas electricity or other piped fuel telephone television and any other services to and from the Property through and along all sewers mains pipes drains wires cables conduits and other conducting media and all apparatus appertaining thereto ("the Service Conduits") which are now or may be constructed within 80 years of the date hereof through or under or over the Reserved Land (insofar as the same serve the Property or any part thereof) either alone or jointly or in common with the Council and all other person or persons who are now or may hereafter be entitled to connect with or use the same or any of them SUBJECT TO the Purchaser or its successors in title bearing paying and contributing together with such other persons including the Council and its successors in title a fair proportion (to be determined according to the number of properties served thereby) of the cost of inspecting repairing maintaining renewing altering adjusting and cleansing such Service Conduits.

3. The right to enter on to the Reserved Land with or without workmen materials and appliances for the purpose of repairing or maintaining the Property or any part thereof and to carry out any works of repair or maintenance thereto which the Purchaser reasonably considers to be necessary and insofar only as such works cannot reasonably be carried out without entry upon the Reserved Land (subject to giving the Council or its successors in title seven days prior written notice save in the case of emergency) PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT the Purchaser or its successors in title shall cause as little damage or disturbance as practicable upon entry upon the Reserved Land and will at its own expense make good any damage caused by the exercise of this right forthwith upon completion of any works carried out to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council.

The seller’s estate agent was Enfields branch at 5/6 New Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 7DE.

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