Conveyancing Advice - Replies to Requisitions on Title from a seller's conveyancing lawyer

Replies to Requisitions on Title are a set of replies to conveyancing questions raised by the buyers conveyancing lawyers to the sellers conveyancing lawyers. The set of conveyancing questions in most conveyancing transactions take the form of the Law Society's standard Completion Information and Requisitions on Title form. The majority of conveyancing firms will have a standard response and an example of a non Law Society form is set out below :

Other than may have been disclosed or varied by subsequent correspondence, it may be assumed at completion that we do not have actual knowledge of any variation to the replies given previously
2. 1 (a) and (b) Otherwise than may be apparent from correspondence we suggest that the buyers liaise direct with the sellers.   Where applicable we will authorise the release of the keys upon receipt of all monies due under the contract.

2. 2 Where applicable this will be provided.
3  DEEDS  

3. 1    Please either refer to the Epitome in the case of unregistered title or in the case of registered title, unless otherwise advised in correspondence or if the Register indicates that the certificate is retained at the Land Registry under section 63 LRA 1925, the title certificate relating to the charge(s) referred to in the reply to 6. 1 will be handed over upon completion, or an undertaking to forward it/them when received from the relevant mortgagees or their separate solicitors when held by them.
3. 2    A schedule of deeds and documents will be provided on completion.
3. 3    Where applicable a deposit number will be given in correspondence.

4. 1    Yes, unless otherwise notified in correspondence
4. 2    We are happy to adopt the current Law Society’s Code for Completion by post, and the mortgages and charges (if any) listed in reply to 6. 1 are those specified for the purpose of paragraph 3 of the Code, provided that, for the avoidance of doubt, despatch by post or DX of the title deeds is sufficient discharge of our obligation as to the delivery of the deeds  and further that any agency obligations are subject to receipt of all monies due under the contract save as provided for in standard condition 6. 3. 5

IMPORTANT:  A reply to this requisition is treated as an undertaking.   Great care must be taken when answering this requisition

6. 1  We are currently awaiting redemption figures and will revert to you in due course

6. 2  In consideration of receipt of all monies due under the contract we undertake to forward the monies notified to us prior to completion by any mortgagee listed above to the mortgagee(s) and to forward the Form(s) DS1/receipted charges/copy notice of confirmation that an END1 has been sent to HMLR to you forthwith upon receipt