Conveyancing Advice - Guaranteed time frames for Exchange of Contracts

The majority of client’s main concern is how long the conveyancing process will take.  

Conveyancing solicitors should always do their best to work to your particular time frame, but this is dependent on the particular circumstances of your conveyancing transaction.  

Industry statistics would suggest that a standard sale or purchase will take between six to twelve weeks to complete.   This may, however, vary.  

A remortgage or transfer of equity transaction should take less time but this is not always the case.   Please be aware that where other parties such as mortgage lenders are required to execute documentation, then delays are inevitable in most instances.
It is of course possible to complete conveyancing in a shorter time scale.   However, all parties must but be committed to these time scales, and in working hard to achieve them.  

Complications, such as mortgage finance being arranged, can delay progress and can affect the desired time scale from being achieved.  

If your conveyancing is of an extremely urgent nature, you should discuss time saving options with your conveyancing solicitor who should you with the appropriate legal advice if you decide to proceed in this way.  

Please note that if additional work is required to achieve your expectations your property lawyer may need to charge you extra conveyancing fees. Your solicitor should inform you of such increased legal fees and disbursements.  

At Fridaysmove, we will never be in a position to guarantee that your required time scales will be achieved, no matter how much extra work is undertaken by us.   We do however promise to do our utmost to bring matters to a speedy conclusion.   Please advise your conveyancing solicitor in writing at the beginning of your sale or purchase if time scales are an issue to you.