Conveyancer saves client from inadvertently buying above a restaurant

Mr and Mrs Clements of East Finchley have consented for their names to be used in the following article:

Mr and Mrs Clements instructed Fridaysmove last December to deal with the conveyancing of their purchase of a leasehold flat in Shad Thames, London.   The apartment was on the second  floor of a building which was of mixed use (i.e. there was commercial premises at the ground floor).   The client was happy with the property, the lenders were happy with the property and the legal paperwork seemed in order.  

The conveyancing lawyer at Fridaysmove reviewed the sales particulars of the property and could see that part of the building was commercial premises boarded up.   The conveyancing lawyer immediately sought clarification from the Seller’s lawyers asking for the current use of the premises.   It appeared that property used to be a stationer.   Further investigations revealed that there was an application for planning permission to change the use of the commercial premises into a restaurant.   This affected Mr and Mrs Clements’s decision to purchase and they subsequently withdrew and were successful in purchasing another flat (obviously using Fridaysmove ’ services).  

“What impressed us most about Fridaysmove was that they did not just look at legal issues but also practical issues that would affect our enjoyment of the property.   Perhaps another firm would have spotted this as well but I am relieved that I was in competent and professional hands.   Fridaysmove were by no means the cheapest but at least I received value for money. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.   I am pleased I paid that little bit extra because I feel that it bought me a professional conveyancing service. ”