How to obtain duplicate certificates in Bristol

Q:  Assuming I need a birth, marriage or death certificate for probate in Bristol, how do I obtain duplicate certificates? 

A:  One can obtain a replacement certificate in person at the Old Council House if the event took place in Bristol.   The address is ( This is not the same as the Bristol Probate Department ) :

The Register Office
The Old Council House
Corn Street
(entrance on Broad Street)

You will need to know exactly where the birth, marriage or death took place.   You are likely to be asked to complete an application form, or if you wish to save time you can print one from the Bristol Probate website.   You do not need an appointment.   A standard (full) birth certificate suitable for a passport currently costs £9 and a short birth certificate costs £9 also.   Not everyone accepts the short certificate.   Marriage and death certificates cost £9.   If the certificate is ordered and paid for before 12.00 midday, it will be ready for collection at 3. 30pm on the same day, a certificate ordered and paid for after 12.00 can be collected the next working day from 1pm onwards.   Alternatively, the Council can post it for you if you pay the postage.

Q:  How much does the certificate mentioned above cost from Bristol Council?

A:  On the day of registration a birth, death or marriage certificate costs £3. 50 and any extra or replacement certificates cost £7 while the register is in the custody of the Registrar, usually about one month.    After this time, full and short birth certificates, marriage and death certificates cost £9 each.   The shortened birth certificate has limited use, as it is not widely accepted.   Civil partnership certificates cost £3. 50 on the date of registration and £9 thereafter.

Q:  What is the process  for applying for a duplicate death certificate from Bristol Council?

A:  If you apply for a certificate in person, the Council can accept payment by cash, cheque with a valid guarantee card, or by postal order. If you apply by post, please make your cheque or postal order payable to Bristol City Council or The Superintendent Registrar and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for the reply.  

Q:  What if the birth, marriage or death was not in Bristol?

A:  If you know where the event took place you can apply to the Register Office in that area.   If not, you can apply to the General Register Office who hold birth, death and marriage records for all of England and Wales from 1837 to present. See for more information.

Q:  Can I apply to the Bristol Register Office for family history certificates?

A:  Bristol Council cannot search the indexes for family history applications while you wait unless full information is known.

Birth certificate applications should show the name and surname of the person, the date and place of birth and parents names including the mother's maiden surname.

Death certificate applications should show the name and surname of the person, the date and place of the death and approximate age of the deceased.

Marriage certificate applications should show the name and surname of both parties and the date and the precise place of the marriage.   If it is a church marriage you should give the name of the church.

Q:  I am in the process of dealing with a probate in Bristol, do you have records of wills?

A:  No.   The Bristol Probate Registry is at The Crescent Centre, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6EP Tel: 0845 302 0900, 0117 927 3915 or 0117 926 4619

Q:  How can get I information on inquests and the Coroners Court?

A:  Contact the Coroner's Office at The Courthouse, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton BS48 1UL Tel: 01275 461 920

Q:  Do you hold records other than birth, death & marriage registrations that could be useful for dealing with a probate in Bristol ?

A:  No.   For other types of records you may need to contact the Bristol Record Office or the Crematoria at Canford or South Bristol. Many useful records are also held at the Central Library on College Green and the Mormon Church in Whitchurch.

Q:  I found a web site for the  Bristol County Probate & Family Court at

A:  No.   This has no relevance for Probate in Bristol ( UK ). It seems to relate to probate in Bristol ( Massachusetts  USA )

Q:  Where do I find the Bristol Probate Registry

A:  Ground Floor, The Crescent Centre, Temple Back, Bristol England, BS1 6EP, DX 94400 Bristol 5 Tel 0117 927 3915

Q:  What are the opening hours for the Bristol Probate Registry

A: The Bristol Probate Registry is open to the public from Monday to Friday between 9. 30am and 4. 00pm and appointments for interview at the Bristol Probate Registry  are arranged between Monday and Friday between the hours of 10. 00am and 3. 30pm, depending on demand.

Should you have any questions about probate in Bristol please complete the form on this page and a member of our Bristol Probate team will give you a call.

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