Sunday, 31st July 11:15pm

Street Talking: the new Essential Report for HomeBuyers

Fridaysmove introduces the new Street Talking report, an essential property search report for home buyers, showing details about the area around their new home.

Tuesday, 5th July 07:11pm

Buying Property in England following Brexit


Saturday, 25th June 06:25pm

Buying and Selling Property: are you considering Attended Exchange?

Fridaysmove talks about Attended Exchange, for those who are wanting to complete quickly on a house purchase or sale

Tuesday, 1st March 11:20am

Transferring a business lease to someone else – getting the Landlord’s consent

Tenants of commercial premises who want to dispose of their premises will have to obtain their landlords’ consent if they want to transfer (or ‘assign’) the lease to someone else. This also applies to under-letting or sub-letting....

Tuesday, 1st March 11:14am

Taking a new lease of business premises

The Fridaysmove Commercial Property blog looks the complexities of taking a new lease of business premises, and the steps involved in the legal proves.

Tuesday, 1st March 11:08am

Joint property ownership – a problem area for couples living together

Tony Lilleystone writes on the Fridaysmove blog about the legal problems which arise when two or more people jointly own a house.

Tuesday, 1st March 10:48am


Alex Miller from EMW Law writes for the Fridaysmove Commercial Property Blog about what buyers of commercial premises should consider.

Monday, 14th December 12:03pm

Longer commercial leases a sign of growing occupier confidence

The average length of new commercial leases has increased during 2015, suggesting a greater confidence amongst tenants in the economic recovery.

Monday, 14th December 11:57am

Leasing a commercial property

Why you really need a solicitor when leasing commercial premises Anyone thinking of taking on commercial premises of any type should get professional advice from a solicitor.

Thursday, 26th November 07:19am

What is a contracted out lease?

It is very common for commercial leases to be contracted out of the security of tenure provisions set out on the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. In broad terms, this piece of legislation provides a tenant with an automatic right to renew an existing lease save where the landlord can satisfy certain gr