Thursday, 6th February 12:36am

Eastenders is no guide to buying a home in real life

Phil Mitchell's sale of the Queen Vic to Mick Carter analysed by conveyancing expert Tony Lilleystone

Monday, 13th January 05:06pm

Homebuyers to benefit from 50% Land Registry fee cut


Tuesday, 7th January 11:04pm

Would free local searches will cut the cost of conveyancing?

Local searches are a significant cost in buying a property – but should buyers really have to pay for information that is in the public domain?

Wednesday, 27th November 06:45pm

Government advice for self-build property


Thursday, 31st October 10:59pm

Is the law batty about bats?

Writing about bats on Halloween seems highly appropriate as they are often associated with this festival. But while sticking plastic bats round your house might be a bit of a joke having the real thing in your home is no laughing matter.

Wednesday, 30th October 02:34am

Will statutory regulation of managing agents help flat-owners?

There have been many calls for some statutory regulation of the companies and individuals who own and manage blocks of flats.

Thursday, 24th October 02:55pm

Recent change in the law makes conveyancing safer for home buyers

A long-standing defect in the law has been changed making the home buying process safer