Thursday, 29th September 04:38pm

What Are Conveyancing Searches? The Quick Version


Monday, 15th August 09:18am

6 Conveyancing Truths You Need to Know

Do you know what to look for in a good conveyancer? Do you know what to avoid? To help you on the hunt for the perfect property solicitor we’ve outlined the top six conveyancing truths you really need to know.

Tuesday, 9th August 12:14pm

What Do Homebuyers Look for in a Property Solicitor?

When searching for a solicitor, what is it you look for? Reputation? Communication? Trust? We’ve used data from a recent article in Modern Law Magazine to find out just what homebuyers need in a top quality conveyancer.

Sunday, 31st July 11:15pm

Street Talking: the new Essential Report for HomeBuyers

Fridaysmove introduces the new Street Talking report, an essential property search report for home buyers, showing details about the area around their new home.

Tuesday, 5th July 07:11pm

Buying Property in England following Brexit


Saturday, 25th June 06:25pm

Buying and Selling Property: are you considering Attended Exchange?

Fridaysmove talks about Attended Exchange, for those who are wanting to complete quickly on a house purchase or sale