Friday, 25th July 09:37pm

Plans unveiled for local councils to provide extra half-million homes

Local councils could provide up to half a million extra homes by the end of the decade according to plans recently unveiled by the Local Government Association

Monday, 21st July 07:57pm

Chancel Repair Liability may be scrapped if Lord Avebury gets his way

 Chancel Repair Liability could be abolished completely if a parliamentary Bill proposed by Liberal Peer Lord Avebury is passed

Friday, 18th July 07:12pm

European Union wants to impose new rules on mortgages

A new EU directive means that mortgage borrowers will soon be entitled to a cooling-off period. So how might this affect the home buying and selling process and conveyancing?

Thursday, 10th July 04:59pm

Bogus Conveyancing firms tricking homebuyers out of money

Property owners and buyers should also be on the alert for property fraud. The Land Registry has set up a fraud hotline and has also introduced a number of services which can help property owners to protect themselves against fraud.

Monday, 30th June 01:19pm

New lending restrictions are not the answer to rising house prices

What is the real problem the government must address if it really wants to stop house prices rising too fast.

Thursday, 26th June 10:51pm

Choosing the right agent to sell your property

Choosing an estate agent is an important aspect of selling your property.  How should you go about deciding which agent to use?

Thursday, 26th June 09:15pm

The risks you take when buying a flat

A user friendly list of everything you need to be wary of when buying a list

Tuesday, 3rd June 04:51pm

Help to Buy is not bumping up house prices

Fears that Help to Buy has been causing a boom in house prices seem to be unfounded according to recently released figures

Friday, 30th May 02:56pm

Land Registry privatisation – a foregone conclusion?

The civil servants who run the Land Registry think privatisation is a done deal, despite that fact the government has not made announcement about it yet

Friday, 30th May 02:20pm

How to stop squatters pinching your property

Think this isn't a problem now squatting is a criminal offence? Think again. You should still be worried about  squatters getting legal title to your property