Friday, 30th May 02:56pm

Land Registry privatisation – a foregone conclusion?

The civil servants who run the Land Registry think privatisation is a done deal, despite that fact the government has not made announcement about it yet

Friday, 30th May 02:20pm

How to stop squatters pinching your property

Think this isn't a problem now squatting is a criminal offence? Think again. You should still be worried about  squatters getting legal title to your property

Thursday, 15th May 07:48pm

Yorkshire BS new rules will reduce home buyer choice

This move is likely to hit smaller local conveyancing solicitor firms the hardest, and could force some of them out of business.

Saturday, 10th May 09:35pm

Legal Ombudsman reports rise in conveyancing complaints

One in five complaints about lawyers now made to the Ombudsman is about residential conveyancing.  What can you do if you have a problem with your conveyancing solicitor?

Thursday, 1st May 07:50pm

Senior judge calls for reforms to give cohabitants legal rights

A strong call for the government to reform the rights of cohabitants, which have left women especially with "nothing at all", has been issued by a senior judge.

Wednesday, 23rd April 02:48pm

Will new MMR rules make it harder to get a mortgage?

Homebuyers can expect far tougher questioning from lenders on mortgage applications made after 26 April 2014 when the Mortgage Market Review rules come into force

Monday, 24th March 02:08pm

Help to Buy gets a boost to encourage more new home buyers

The continuation of the Help to Buy scheme is confirmation that the government sees this as the way to encourage the building of new homes throughout the country.

Monday, 17th March 06:25pm

Land Registry fee reductions come into effect

From 17 March 2014 home buyers will enjoy a reduction of 50% in Land Registry Fees- but make sure your solicitor uses the right process or you won't be eligible

Friday, 7th March 11:51pm

Stop your home being stolen with the Property Alert service

Did you realise that there are some thieves out there who could be trying to steal your house itself – not the bricks and mortar, but your legal title to the property.

Monday, 17th February 06:01pm

Welsh Tories call for Stamp Duty cut, but don't hold your breath

Welsh Conservatives pledged to abolish Stamp Duty on £250k properties in Wales. This should be welcome news to anyone thinking of buying a home in Wales