Wednesday, 5th September 04:12pm

Are Which? right about DIY lease extension advice?

Are you better-off negotiating a lease extension informally or by statutory procedure? Which? suggest DIY is a money saving way of doing things but are they right?

Tuesday, 4th September 03:48pm

Have squatters rights finally been abolished?

The government have claimed that "squatters rights" are a thing of the past. But does this new legislation really benefit property owners plagued by illegal encampments and occupiers?

Monday, 3rd September 11:45pm

Could home owners on regeneration estates face compulsory purchase threat?

Many people who have bought flats and houses on council-owned estates could be facing the threats of compulsory purchase in the not-too-distant future.

Sunday, 2nd September 08:30pm

Fridaysmove Survey Challenge launches

Earlier in 2012, Fridaysmove carried out a survey on a property in London which revealed a number of issues which in total cost over £40,000 to fix.

Friday, 31st August 05:50pm

Why short leases are harder to sell

Why is it harder to sell a flat which only has a short lease? Buyers are generally put off for the following reasons

Thursday, 30th August 01:37pm

Why selling a freehold house subject to a lease of part is bad news

Deterred buyers may think they are looking at a freehold flat - they may be mistaken

Wednesday, 29th August 04:57pm

Q – When is a freehold flat not a freehold flat?

No, this is not some dreadful joke out of a cracker – in fact the situation to which it refers is no joke at all to Conveyancing Solicitors and their clients.

Tuesday, 28th August 10:41pm

Fridaysmove reviews liberal think-tank’s report on Leasehold flats

Fridaysmove’s review of Liberal think-tank CentreForum’s report on leasehold property ownership concludes that their recommendations do not go nearly far enough

Tuesday, 28th August 05:47pm

Fridaysmove reviews the benefits of commonhold over leasehold ownership

Tony Lilleystone of Fridaysmove makes the case for commonhold property ownership over leasehold.

Monday, 27th August 11:13pm

Chris Salmon talks to Conveyancing Local's Lorraine Imhoff

I recently had a chance to swap notes with Lorraine Imhoff of Conveyancing Local.