Thursday, 13th June 12:45pm

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal replaced by new Property Chamber

This new Property Chamber involves more than just a change of name – it will operate under different rules and procedures.  Read more about the changes here

Thursday, 6th June 01:21pm

Mortgage rates falling thanks to Funding for Lending scheme

The Bank of England says that mortgage rates have fallen following the introduction of the government’s Funding for Lending (FLS) scheme last year

Wednesday, 5th June 04:27pm

Things to think about before buying a property near the sea

Many people like the idea of a seaside home. But when looking for such a property, think twice about how it might be affected by flooding from the sea, or the damage that can be caused when heavy gales blow salt-spray and sand far inland.

Tuesday, 28th May 06:28pm

New Law Society advice on flood risk for home buyers.

15% of homes at risk from flooding from rising sea levels or other causes.  The Law Society has now taken action to ensure home buyers are better informed.

Thursday, 9th May 09:17am

New Property Information Form aims to make Conveyancing quicker

The Law Society hopes that the updated Property Information Form will make Conveyancing transactions easier and faster for sellers and buyers alike.

Tuesday, 7th May 12:49pm

Do I own that fence? Identifying property boundaries

Homeowners often want to know who owns which of the fences or other boundaries round their property. But Conveyancing Solicitors often find it difficult to give a definite answer.

Friday, 3rd May 10:58am

Your home extension could violate a covenant, even with planning approval

Even if current planning restrictions are amended, many homeowners may still be prevented from building an extension because of a covenant affecting their property.

Friday, 3rd May 09:13am

Static House Prices in April

The Land Registry’s figures revealed a 0.1% in March, while Nationwide’s house price index for April showed a very slight drop of 0.1%.

Friday, 26th April 09:13am

How clear are your Conveyancing Solicitor’s fees?

Will the final bill from your Conveyancing Solicitor be much higher than the amount you were quoted?

Monday, 15th April 04:33pm

Free solar panels may look green, but will they make your mortgage lender see red?

Homeowners looking to reduce their electricity bills may be tempted by offers of free solar panels. But before signing up to any such offer, property owners should think twice.