Wednesday, 30th January 05:27pm

What happens when a buyer wants the seller to extend a lease before completion?

If a buyer insists upon arrangements being made for a lease extension before completion, there are two choices open to the seller and buyer.

Wednesday, 30th January 05:03pm

Common law couples - ensure your names are on your house deeds

Many people are under the mistaken view that English law recognises something known as a ‘common-law marriage’ and that if you live with someone this entitles you to a share of their property.

Tuesday, 29th January 11:40pm

How do solicitors help with the lease extension process?

This article discusses some of the things that your Solicitor will do to make sure that your lease extension is completed quickly and with as little stress as possible

Wednesday, 23rd January 06:09pm

What happens if you cant agree lease extension terms with your freeholder?

Most applications for a lease extension are settled agreeably between leaseholder and freeholder. - but what happens if the cost and terms cannot be agreed?

Wednesday, 23rd January 05:57pm

Why you should extend your lease before you sell your flat

Many flat-owners fall into the trap of delaying a lease extension until they want to sell, only to discover that buyers cannot get a mortgage unless the lease has already been extended. 

Friday, 18th January 10:12pm

What has a surveyor got to do with extending your lease?

A common question from owners of leasehold flats relates to the process involved in extending a lease - especially where the lease has fewer than eighty years remaining.

Thursday, 17th January 04:36pm

The risks of investing in building plots

The Land Registry has recently issued a warning against buying so-called 'building plots' from fraudulent property dealers

Wednesday, 16th January 05:57pm

Increase in premium London homebuyers pay to live near a tube station

The premium Londoners are willing to pay to live close to a tube or train station has increased by 2% in only two years, according to a recent report by Nationwide.

Monday, 14th January 05:56pm

Green Deal creates confusion for home buyers and sellers

The Government's Green Deal offers homeowners the financing to reduce the environmental footprint of their home, but what happens when the property is sold?

Friday, 11th January 03:55pm

Conveyancing Association head comments on recent ruling

A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal, reversing a decision against a solicitor's firm tricked by fraudsters, has drawn opinion from Edward Goldsmith, Chair of the Conveyancing Association.