Buying in the Devon countryside and need a Plymouth Solicitor?

Conveyancing Solicitors in Plymouth regularly get to handle property conveyancing in some of the lovely villages around Plymouth. Places with quintessentially English names abound in this area – Tamerton Foliot, Spriddlestone, and Buckland Monachorum to take a few at random.

But the legal side of buying a home in rural areas can have its own complications which will not be encountered in more urban locations. Conveyancing Solicitors in Plymouth may come across homes which are not connected to mains drainage but instead drain into septic tanks. Country homes often do not abut public roads, but rely for access on a right-of-way over someone else's land. They may also be subject to similar rights benefiting a neighbouring property, or to public footpaths and bridleways crossing the grounds.

Unfortunately it is often difficult for Conveyancing Solicitors in Plymouth acting for buyers to be certain that the owners of a property are entitled to legal rights over neighbouring land. Because of the way that title registration has been implemented in this country, many property titles do not clearly show if a house has the benefit of necessary rights.

Rights of way and septic tanks

Previous owners of a property may have enjoyed the use of such facilities as a private access, or drains running across a neighbour's land, for many years. But it cannot necessarily be assumed that legal rights exist over adjoining land. This area of law is complex, and many property disputes arise from arguments as to whether such rights exist or the extent to which they can be used.  

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Consequently Plymouth Property Lawyers often require sellers to provide statutory declarations as to their use of an access way or a septic tank. It is also likely that they will be asked to pay for indemnity insurance to be obtained, which would protect buyers should there be any difficulty in the future.

In 2010 the government issued regulations which required septic tanks and other privately owned sewage disposal systems to be registered. However in July 2011 the Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries announced that these regulations were under review so the registration requirements would be put on hold for the time being. However it is still possible to apply for registration, which may be desirable when a house is being sold.  

All this should not put off anyone wanting to buy a home in the Devon countryside. Plymouth Conveyancers are skilled at checking property titles to make sure that everything is in order, and will advise on any potential problems which they discover. They can also be relied on to sort out any difficulties so that buyers will end up with a good title to their new home and will know all about any rights benefiting it.

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