Building Survey in Surrey finds encouraging results for Mr and Mrs A

No structural issues or any other major problems flagged by this Building Survey in Surrey

The Building Survey in Surrey revealed no major concerns over the structure of this five bedroom property in Banstead.

Planning permission for the garage

The surveyor recommended a confirmation that the recently converted garage received Planning Permission and Building Control approval. Otherwise, this would need to be sought by the buyer.

Other issues

  • The Building Survey reported some damage to the turf of the back garden. The prospective buyer is advised to re-grow this to improve its appearance.
  • Lime scale has built up on some of the shower heads and will need to be thoroughly cleaned with the appropriate products.
  • Although the air-conditioning was in an acceptable working order, it should be serviced by an engineer in the future.
Fortunately, all of the other components of this Surrey property were in a good condition generally. Therefore, the home is in a good position for purchase.

Good news for Mr and Mrs A

This Building Survey in Surrey did not identify any serious defects that would involve expensive repair work, which will save Mr and Mrs A great deal of money. Thanks to this Building Survey, the couple have peace of mind that the property they are purchasing is in a generally good working order.

These surveys are particularly useful for home buyers because they provide a detailed account of all the repairs and replacements they will need to perform before committing to buy. This also protects them from having to pay for unexpected repair costs once they move in.