Building Survey in London recommends further inspections to remove fire risk and other defects

Building Survey in London recommends roof repair work to remove a fire risk

A recent Building Survey in London found that an area of the roof was missing near the chimney area. The Residential Surveyor suggested that fire protective render be installed in this area when a qualified chimney specialist contractor conducts an inspection.

Other concerns:

  • The Building Survey noted that the absence of a storage tank meant that the property’s water came directly from the mains. This could lead to cross-contamination of the water supply, unless a qualified plumber could verify that the current system is in a satisfactory condition.
  • The survey found evidence of dampness on a wall in the kitchen. Although dampness is a common issue in properties, it can lead to more serious problems if fungus develops. Fungus is widely recognised as a health hazard, therefore the buyer should eradicate the dampness problem by contacting a timber and damp specialist to perform remedial work.  
  • This Building Survey in London strongly advised the buyer to arrange for an electrician to inspect the electrics before the exchange of contracts. Home Buyers Surveys will always encourage buyers to consider the final costs of any repair work or redecoration that they may need to make before moving in.  
  • The Surveyor also recommended that records be obtained for the boiler, which would confirm that it had been serviced recently. If not, this would need to be checked by a CORGI heating engineer specialist.

Why building surveys are so important

Many defects can go unnoticed unless a property is subject to a rigorous Building Survey. Purchasing a property is expensive enough when there is no costly repair work to do. The worst thing that can happen to a home buyer is for the electricity or heating to fail when they move in.  

The benefits

Building Surveyors can reduce the selling price if they consider the initial valuation to be too high, potentially saving the buyer a significant amount of money. These inspections will also allow buyers to see the full extent of the repairs and replacement work that they will need to arrange and what the total cost of these will be.