Bromley Conveyancing Solicitor completes on purchase of freehold abode

Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitor Gemma Farguson handled the purchase transaction for a home on Forde Avenue, Bromley, BR1 in January 2010.

The property, valued at £447, 500, is located within the local authority district of Bromley Council at the Bromley Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH.

There were several restrictive covenants affecting the property as revealed in the official copy from the land registry.

The following are details of some of the covenants which were contained in a Conveyance dating back to 28 May 1930:

  1. No buildings other than the private detached or semi-detached dwelling houses or terrace houses in blocks of not more than six with the usual offices and with or without garages chauffeurs or gardeners cottages shall be erected on the said land and not more than one such house shall be erected on each building plot such building plot in the case of a detached or semi-detached house to be of a frontage of not less than twenty-five feet and in the case of a terrace house to be of a  frontage of not less than twenty-one feet.
  2. No building or erection except walls or fences not more than six feet high shall any time be erected on any plot within twenty-five feet of the roadway fronting the land except bay windows and porches sanctioned by the Local Authority. The said building line of twenty-five feet shall not be altered and any variation thereof shall only be permitted in the event of any Public Authority insisting on such variation.
  3. No flats maisonettes or a house planned or adapted for use or occupation in more than one tenement shall be erected or allowed to remain on the said land or any part thereof.
  4. No motor garage shall be erected on any building plot except a motor garage to be used for private purposes only appurtenant to a dwelling house erected thereon in accordance with these stipulations.

The seller’s Conveyancing expert was from Frederick Rine Solicitors.   The handling estate agent was the Browne Estates branch covering Bromley at 197 Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 2RG.

There were planning permissions affecting the property which Gemma had to verify to confirm that these were in compliance with planning guidelines.

  • 88/1243 Granted with Conditions 11/07/1988. Single storey side extension and single storey conservatory at rear.

The transaction progressed towards completion on the 18th of January 2010.

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