Tue 08 Jun 2010

First Time Buyers to be given a Helping Hand


According to a report in today, Grant Shapps has pledged to help first time buyers on to the property ladder. “Everybody should be able to buy their own home, the new Housing Minister is to announce today. ” Click here to view the full report.

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Fri 04 Jun 2010

Should Conveyancing Referral Fees be banned?

There has been a lot of debate for some time now over whether referral fees for conveyancing matters should be retained or scrapped and whether they have harmed ‘consumers’.  

The Law Society Gazette reported on 20 May 2010 that according to a report commissioned by the Legal Services Commission:

“There is no evidence that referral fees have adversely affected consumers in the conveyancing or personal injury markets. ”

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Wed 02 Jun 2010

More Houses on the Market as HIPs are scrapped!

Estate agents are reporting a sharp increase in the number of houses being put on the market since the controversial HIPs have been suspended.  

There is reported to be a 35% increase on new properties being marketed and it is clear that this is partly due to the HIPs being scrapped on 20 May 2010. Those sellers who have been in two minds about whether to market their properties have now decided to go ahead and try and sell their properties knowing that they do not have to incur the expense of paying for a HIPs pack before they do.

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Tue 01 Jun 2010

HIPs demise boosts Housing market activity, but they're not commissioning EPCs!

The end of the HIP has resulted in more people putting their property on the market according to Estate Agents.  However it seems as though house-sellers, and perhaps Agents too, have not yet got to grips with the new EPC regulations that state that an EPC must be "commissioned" when you start to market a property.  There are still nowhere near as many people buying EPCs as were buying HIPs.

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Fri 28 May 2010

Is there another housing crash looming?


There have been predictions of the possibility of a new housing crash which will find  many of us stressing about  the financial crisis all over again.


The change in government signifies the end of an era and means that some serious changes have to be made to put the country firmly back on to its feet. Interest rates and problems in the mortgage market are two major areas that will affect most of us. It has been suggested that interest rates will rise to 3. 5% by 2011.


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Wed 26 May 2010

Mortgage Lending figures down for April

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reports that gross lending for April 2010 has declined. I wrote only last week in my blog that lenders and buyers could sigh in relief at the mortgage approval figures for March and the preceding nine months only to find myself writing quite the opposite today.

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Tue 25 May 2010

HIPs packs have gone – What does this mean for Home Sellers and Buyers?

As most people will have heard by now,   the controversial HIPs have now been suspended. You are therefore not required to have a HIPs pack when you put your property on the market. The EPC will remain though since it is part of European Union legislation. You must therefore commission an EPC when you market your property.

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Fri 21 May 2010

Is there going to be an alternative to the HIPs pack?

The coalition government have announced that HIPs packs are to be suspended from 21 May 2010. HIPs will therefore no longer be required when you market your property although you must still commission an EPC. EPC’s are required as part of EU regulations so even if the government wanted to abolish them along with the HIP they would have struggled to do so! 

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Thu 20 May 2010

Will the end of HIPs help the housing market ?

Let's talk politics !

The question :

What is the similarity between the UK electoral system and HIPs?

The answer :

Neither are perfect but there are no better alternatives !

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Thu 20 May 2010

Do I Need a HIP? The Answer is No, But..

From the 21st May 2010 you no longer need a HIP to market your property.  But, you do need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) - or at least you need to have 'commissioned' one and it needs to arrive within 28 days of you placing your property on the market.

Fridaysmove are now offering a Free EPC with Conveyancing and of course we will be aiming to sell the cheapest standalone EPC on the market.

If you are confused about HIPs, EPCs and indeed anything relating to selling your home, then call us free on 033 0660 0286.

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