Wed 05 Jan 2011

VAT increase to drive up Conveyancing Fees

There is a huge difference between a bad and good Conveyancing Solicitor.

The following simple tips will help you make a decision you won't regret.

The Conveyancing process in  the UK can be a painfully slow process leaving property buyers and sellers wondering what, if anything, is going on.

Some conveyancers are almost Dickensian in their approach and others can seem faceless often hiding behind IT systems (how many have you seen offering online case tracking? Wouldn't you rather talk to a human?), and some can be a mix of both

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Fri 20 Aug 2010

Rip-Off Probate Fees Charged by Banks!

 I came across an article from the Sunday Times, today, dated 29 November 2009, regarding the extortionate Probate Fees charged by High Street banks for assisting with Probate which I thought was an interesting basis for a blog.

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Tue 17 Aug 2010

Two trustees needed when selling a property held as Tenants in Common

While dealing with a conveyancing transaction involving a deceased co owner, the issue of ownership as tenants in common arose and what to do where one co owner dies. The surviving co owner was the deceased’s wife. As the deceased did not sever the tenancy in common before he died, the restriction in the Land Registry’s Proprietorship register remained in place preventing the sale of the property going ahead without two trustees.

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Tue 03 Aug 2010

Estate Agent says delays in Conveyancing caused by staff shortages

The Law Society Gazette published an article on 30. 7. 10 regarding ‘delays in conveyancing, due to staff shortages. ’ The comments forming the basis of the article were made by Nick Salmon, commercial director of independent estate agents Harrison Murray, who told the Gazette that ‘understaffed’ firms ar

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Fri 30 Jul 2010

Mortgage Approvals and House Prices go down

According to an article in the Mortgage Finance Gazette, there has been a drop in mortgage approvals for the month of June compared with May.   The  figures show that there were 47, 643 loan approvals for house purchases, which was lower than the May figure of 49, 461   Furthermore, Nationwide reported that house prices fell by 0. 5% in July. Commenting on the figures Martin Gahbauer, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said: "House prices fell in July for the first time since February.

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Wed 28 Jul 2010

Lloyds to cut members from their Conveyancing Panel

Lloyds Bank has announced that they will be reviewing their conveyancing panel with a view to removing firms who have conducted low numbers of transactions. Click here to view the full report in the Law Gazette published on 26 July 2010.

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Fri 23 Jul 2010

Stamp duty penalty on 'energy inefficient' homes

The Times reported on 20 July 2010 that the government are considering imposing a stamp duty penalty on people buying properties which are found to be ‘energy inefficient’ after obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).   A rebate for stamp duty can be applied for once the property has been improved and made more energy efficient.

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Wed 21 Jul 2010

Trusts and wills are vulnerable to new CGT rate, the Law Society has warned

The changes to Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax announced in the budget last month will have an impact on wills and trusts. Those who have the responsibility of administering an Estate during the Probate process will find that the increase in CGT will mean more tax is being paid out on any gains made.

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Tue 20 Jul 2010

There are now fewer energy inefficient homes in the UK

An Energy Saving Trust report has revealed that there are now fewer energy inefficient homes in the UK.

Homes are rated between A and G on their Energy Efficient on their Energy Performance Certificate, with A being the most energy efficient. The EPC report provides advice on how someone can make their home more energy efficient.

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