Mon 23 May 2011

Beware - Stamp Duty Scams

Many of us aren’t going to worry about the government’s latest hike in Stamp Duty rates (as from 6 April it’s now 5% on house purchases over £1 million) - BUT it doesn’t look like there’s much for home-buyers too look forward to either.

While house prices may be falling in some areas, in London they’re still rising! 

"Isn't there something I can do to get out of paying Stamp Duty?"

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Sun 22 May 2011

Phil Spencer endorses new conveyancing service In-Deed

A new conveyancing service called 'In-Deed' was launched today by Rightmove founder Harry Hill.

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Wed 04 May 2011

Conveyancing Fees for Contribution to Professional Indemnity – a real gem!

Charged by some Conveyancers and, as ever, frequently concealed in a vast paragraph in the middle of the Solicitor’s terms of engagement this is a quasi Conveyancing Fee that really should be part of the core Conveyancing Fees.

As a policy I try not to be overly judgmental of the practice of 'breaking out' fees into component parts, after all it is standard practice in so many sectors these days.

Where I do draw the line and stand in judgement (not just of Conveyancing Solicitors) is when companies are not up front about their charges.

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Mon 02 May 2011

Conveyancing Fees for Admin - Why do some Solicitors charge extra?

In a bid to look at the charging practices of certain Conveyancing Solicitors, I will be going through the various Conveyancing Fees sometimes charged by property lawyer s, where to spot them (they are not always easy to find until you get an invoice) and what they are for.

This article will be the first of the Conveyancing Fees Spotlight series.

So if you are all sitting comfortably, I shall begin.

A is for 'Admin Fee'

Where applicable the admin charge ranges from £5 to around £50.

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Mon 02 May 2011

Conveyancing Fees Spotlight – the SDLT1 Form

The Conveyancing Fees spotlight aims to take a closer look at those all to often concealed fees that appear in Solicitors ‘terms of engagement’  (or in other words the small print).

This is a relatively newcomer to the Conveyancing Fees landscape insofar as the form is a relative newcomer (2003) to the Conveyancing process.    It can often be found as an ‘extra’ on the conveyancing quote, sometimes on the quote itself and sometimes buried away in the small print.

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Wed 20 Apr 2011

The Secret to Fast Conveyancing? Email, Email, Email

More often than not, when giving a client a Conveyancing Quote, I am asked the same question:  "How long will the Conveyancing take?" 

Understandably property buyers and sellers are eager to move as quickly as possible.   Of course there are real life reasons why clients are keen to move quickly but even if their home move is not time critical I would still suggest they take speed seriously.

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Thu 13 Jan 2011

EPC used in selling price negotiation

A supposedly poor rating revealed on an EPC (Energy Perormance Certificate) was at the centre of a negotiation on the sale of a Victorian conversion I recently completed the legal work on.   

One week before exchange of contracts the buyer threatened to pull out unless the seller would accept a reduced offer of £5k.

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Thu 13 Jan 2011

Conveyancing Insider Tip - The Draft Contract Nudge

So you have found a buyer for your property - a major hurdle overcome.

You have found a Conveyancing Solicitor offering cheap conveyancing fees – great.

The Solicitor has even called you up to introduce himself (all too often they won’t) - brilliant, your sale is as good as in the bag.

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Wed 05 Jan 2011

VAT increase to drive up Conveyancing Fees

There is a huge difference between a bad and good Conveyancing Solicitor.

The following simple tips will help you make a decision you won't regret.

The Conveyancing process in  the UK can be a painfully slow process leaving property buyers and sellers wondering what, if anything, is going on.

Some conveyancers are almost Dickensian in their approach and others can seem faceless often hiding behind IT systems (how many have you seen offering online case tracking? Wouldn't you rather talk to a human?), and some can be a mix of both

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Fri 20 Aug 2010

Rip-Off Probate Fees Charged by Banks!

 I came across an article from the Sunday Times, today, dated 29 November 2009, regarding the extortionate Probate Fees charged by High Street banks for assisting with Probate which I thought was an interesting basis for a blog.

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