Tue 04 Sep 2012

Have squatters rights finally been abolished?

The new law criminalising squatting in people’s homes has certainly hit the headlines over the last few days. Despite much trumpeting by government ministers about how it will benefit homeowners, it seems that I am not the only one to question how much this law will help change things.

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Mon 03 Sep 2012

Could home owners on regeneration estates face compulsory purchase threat?


Residents threatened with the compulsory purchase of their homes have criticised plans for the regeneration of the Heygate estate in the Elephant & Castle district of south-east London. Many people who have bought flats and houses on council-owned estates elsewhere could be facing similar threats in the not-too-distant future.

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Sun 02 Sep 2012

Fridaysmove Survey Challenge launches

Earlier in 2012, Fridaysmove carried out a survey on a property in London which revealed a number of issues which in total cost over £40, 000 to fix.

Needless to say this significant sum came as a shock for the purchaser who subsequently renegotiated the price of the property to reflect the estimated cost of repair.

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Fri 31 Aug 2012

Why short leases are harder to sell

Why is it harder to sell a flat which only has a short lease? Buyers are generally put off for the following reasons: 

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Thu 30 Aug 2012

Why selling a freehold house subject to a lease of part is bad news


When the owner decides to sell the retained flat, it will normally be marketed as if just the flat was for sale. Agents often assume that the property is leasehold, and the fact that there is no lease for the seller’s flat is only discovered when his Conveyancing Solicitors get a copy of the land registry title.

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Wed 29 Aug 2012

Q – When is a freehold flat not a freehold flat?


A – When it is a freehold house! 

No, this is not some dreadful joke out of a cracker – in fact the situation to which it refers is no joke at all to Conveyancing Solicitors and their clients. But it does highlight why if you are selling your home you should contact their Solicitor when you first put the property on the market, and not wait until you have a buyer.

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Tue 28 Aug 2012

Fridaysmove reviews liberal think-tank’s report on Leasehold flats

Fridaysmove’s review of Liberal think-tank CentreForum’s report on leasehold property ownership concludes that their recommendations do not go nearly far enough. Rather than calling for root-and-branch reforms of the whole system, they merely call for a bit of ‘light-touch regulation’ and a few minor changes and improvements which would make little useful difference to the majority of flat-owners.

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Tue 28 Aug 2012

Fridaysmove reviews the benefits of commonhold over leasehold ownership

Can Commonhold replace Leasehold as the preferred form of ownership of flats in England and Wales? A report recently published by liberal think-tank CentreForum recommends that the system of Commonhold ownership should be promoted. But do their proposals go far enough? 

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Mon 27 Aug 2012

Chris Salmon talks to Conveyancing Local's Lorraine Imhoff

Conveyancing Local are about to emerge with something different.  I am sworn to secrecy but having spent an hour talking to founder 'Lorraine Imhoff' I was hit with a 'why didn't I think of that' moment.

Suffice it to say things are changing rapidly in the Conveyancing Sector and this new offering looks set to accelerate the way in which local services are marketed nationally.

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Fri 24 Aug 2012

Dispatches leasehold program hits the mark

Owners of leasehold flats will be congratulating Channel 4 on their hard-hitting Dispatches programme which aired on August 20. As already reported by Fridaysmove, the ways in which many freeholders and their managing agents rip off flat-owners was exposed - especially extortionate charges for so-called repairs and maintenance works.

If you didn’t see the programme, and own a flat (or are thinking of buying one) watch ‘Property nightmare – the truth about leasehold’ on 4oD now.  

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