Birmingham Conveyancing Solicitors anticipate long-term risk to buyers along ‘HS2’ route

Widespread opposition to HS2 may not halt the Government's plans, but Birmingham Conveyancing Solicitors foresee issues arising for unaware homebuyers for years to come

High Speed Two or HS2 is the name given to a proposed brand new high speed rail line from the capital through to the North of the country. Phase 1 of the new development would run from London to Birmingham, and if approved, will begin construction around 2017, with opening scheduled around 2026.

Thousands of properties will need to be demolished to accommodate the works. Local homebuyers who think they could be negatively affected should insist that their Birmingham Conveyancing Solicitor takes this risk into consideration.

Residents and home owners in Birmingham have come out against the plans for the HS2 and 55. 4 per cent think it will not benefit the local economy.

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A significant number of local authorities have also united in a fight against the plans; 51m (representing the £51million that will be invested by the Government) is the collective name of 17 councils that have come together to challenge the evidence base about the project.

Birmingham Council (Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BB) has not joined the majority as yet.

Standard searches for Birmingham Conveyancing generally requires that the local authority declare when a property is situated within 200 meters of a railway or rail works; home owners throughout the country however will undoubtedly be affected by construction noise and pollution for many years to come if plans go through.

How will the HS2 affect Birmingham Conveyancing?

Birmingham Conveyancing Solicitors will be faced with a challenge as many concerns, such as contaminated land issues, will not be obvious at the outset and issues can arise several years later as construction is set to take place for over 10 years.

One local council expressed support for the Evergreen 3 project by Chiltern Railways as a more affordable alternative which will improve the journey speeds to Birmingham, decrease the latent demand claimed in HS2 and help increase the overall capacity at peak times.

Whether the new rail initiative will go through or not, only time will tell.

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