Chartered Surveyor in Surrey investigates 'invisible' risks...

Unprotected glass creates danger states Building Survey in Surrey

Safety hazards come in all shapes and forms. One hazard that is often ignored is transparent glass. This property features sliding glass doors and these could cause an accident. Children are often unaware of these hidden dangers and it is up to the homeowner to take preventative action before it is too late.

The Home Buyers Survey in Surrey advised the buyer to add safety trips to prevent anyone from accidentally falling into these doors. This is a cost-effective solution to a relatively simple, yet potentially serious problem.

Asbestos can be dangerous

The Surveyor could not rule this potentially hazard material, although it would need to be confirmed in another inspection. This mineral is known for causing health problems in certain at-risk individuals, such as smokers and people suffering from lung disorders.

On the basis of this, the Surveyor in this Home Buyers Survey in Surrey strongly recommended a detailed examination of the garage roof to confirm asbestos content. The buyer was also advised to receive the full quote of the cost of this repair before moving in.

No ventilation could cause dampness

There is a lack of ventilation in the area situated between the ceiling and the roof covering. This could result in dampness and eventually mould and rotting could result. The buyer of this property would have to arrange for a competent roofing specialist to conduct these repairs.

Unfortunately, repairs of this nature tend to be on the expensive side. On the other hand, the Home Buyers Survey did not interpret this as an immediate concern at the time of the inspection. However, homeowners can save a great deal of money by repairing any minor issues that could become much more serious in the long term.

Prevent dampness altogether

The Surveyor noted that the walls did not contain a damp proof course. This is not a defect on its own, although it is much easier for dampness to spread internally without this important feature. Luckily tests confirmed that there were no high moisture readings in the interior.

Few major concerns

The buyer will be relieved that there were no major defects revealed in this HomeBuyer Report that would require urgent and expensive repair work at this property.  The home was put on the market for £285, 000.