Additional leasehold information required by Conveyancing Solicitors in London

Mr N was selling a leasehold flat on Hambro Road, Lambeth, London SW16 in November 2010. As soon as he confirmed instructions to his Conveyancing Solicitors in London, the property lawyer in charge of his case sent him an email. Attached to this were some information forms about the property which he was asked to complete and return.

The buyer's Solicitor, Catherine, knew that the Conveyancing Solicitors in London acting for the buyers would require various information about the property, especially as the title was leasehold. The forms that she sent to the seller were designed to provide a wide range of details about the property being sold and information known to the seller.

In addition to the general one used for all homes sales, an additional form relating to leasehold properties was sent. This is intended to provide details of the freeholder and the management of the building in which a flat is located.

The property being sold was part of an old house which had been converted into two flats. The owner of each flat looked after their own part of the building, so there was no regular service charge. The freehold of the building was owned jointly by the two flat-owners.

Why Conveyancing Solcitors in London must ask so many questions. . .

Mr M questioned why he had to try and answer all the questions about the leasehold, as most of the questions were irrelevant. Catherine explained that the questionnaire was intended to cover all types of apartments, from properties such as his to premises in large blocks where substantial annual service charges would be payable. If any questions were not applicable in his case then he should say so when replying.

The client promptly returned all the forms completed with as much information as he could give, and Catherine then sent them on to the buyers' Conveyancing Solicitors in London together with the contract. From then on the sale proceeded without delay, so that Catherine was able to arrange completion within a few weeks of receiving initial instructions.

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