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Far too many property solicitors in Putney Vale, Wandsworth apparently offer temptingly low costs, however hidden costs add £100's to the final cost when you move home. With us, your all inclusive quotation includes all fees and we promise to always give quotes that are fixed, not estimates that might vary.

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Fridaysmove only work with the best value CQS conveyancers in Wandsworth. Furthermore, in addition to cheap fees, our quality of service is without compromise and recommended by clients and agents.

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With the Fridaysmove no move no fee guarantee, clients need not pay for any solicitors fees should your move does not ultimately go ahead.

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We will always try to conclude on a property sale or purchase without hitch. However if you require an especially fast completion, for example a 28 day auction completion, we can help ; call our expedited completion team on 033 0660 0286.

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Local issues considered by Putney Vale Conveyancing Solicitors

Flooding in Putney ValeChancel in Putney ValeEnvironmental in Putney Vale

Flooding in parts of Putney Vale

Putney Vale purchasers understandably expect to pay less for a residence which is more likely to flood. This risk is assessed by the Environment Agency. Making your own judgement of whether a residence is likely to flood is rarely sufficient. As a result, requesting that your property solicitor perform an flood assessment is a sensible precaution. A detailed flood risk map is regularly updated by the Environment Agency to help purchasers throughout Wandsworth and the UK research properties.

Chancel Repair Liability in Putney Vale

This is the liability of a property owner to contribute to the cost of repair of the chancel of a church. It was felt that the absence of a central database and poor record keeping would mean a liability dating back to medieval Britain would be difficult to prove, but purchasers are not advised to rely on this.

Changes to Chancel Liability in Putney Vale

A property solicitor in Putney Vale will confirm that it is for the parties involved in a conveyancing transaction to decide whether or not to take out insurance, but, in reality, you property solicitor will likely insist (in cases where there is a lender involved) that appropriate insurance is taken out.

Chancel Liability Searches

A chancel search is carried out to assess whether the parish in which the property is located is likely to benefit from this liability. If the result of this search confirms the risk, then a more thorough search may be recommended. If you do not wish to take the risk, insurance is available to protect you in the event that the local Putney Vale church does opt to pursue their right to claim repair costs. Arranging indemnity insurance is generally inexpensive and straightforward.

Environmental Concerns in Putney Vale

Environmental factors affecting both property prices and the health and safety of homeowners continue to make headlines. A buyer's property lawyer will review a range of information sources, including historical uses of the land, the probability of radon gas in the area, and the risk of flooding. Liability for clearing up any contaminated land in Putney Vale generally lies with the original contaminator. A remediation notice may be issued which will force the liable party to clean up the contamination, if they do not agree to do so voluntarily. Unfortunately, if they cannot be found, then the owner of the land could be required to pay for the work, even if they are entirely innocent. The technical report behind the environmental searches's conclusions may also be available. If you wish to review this, you should confirm its availability with your solicitor.

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