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Local issues considered by Coalville Conveyancing Solicitors

Contaminated in CoalvilleMining in CoalvilleRoadandrail in Coalville

Coalville Searches for Contaminated Land

Industrial processes in and around Coalville that have now ceased will nevertheless often leave waste or residue that risks damaging the local environment. Searches for contaminated land do not initially involve any physical inspection, but are based on old records of land use. Purchasers of new build property around Coalville should be aware that brownfield sites have increasingly been developed. In such circumstances, it is vital that your solicitor check that the correct clean up work has been carried out. Risks associated with contaminated land include inhalation of hazardous dust, exposure to lead and other toxic substances, and water pollution.

Coalville landfill sites:

  • Bradgate Landfill, Leicester Road, Markfield, LE67 9RH. The site has not been classified.
  • Hanson Mill Lane Landfill Site, Heather Brickworks, Mill Lane, Leicestershire, LE67 2RD. The site has been classified as inert.

Coal and Brine Pumping Searches

There has never been any central record of all mines, so it can be difficult to find comprehensive information about mining activity in or near Coalville. If a residence is located in an area where mining occurred, or is thought to have taken place, a search will be undertaken. A coal search will indicate whether any opencast workings have taken place or are planned in the vicinity. A separate environmental search is therefore also required in affected areas. Unfortunately, due to the industry's extremely long history, and the fact that there has never been any central mining authority, there is no single source of information about the location of mines. This means that searches are less straightforward than a buyer may anticipate.

Local Transport Issues

Transport projects are rightly a concern for homebuyers, given both the disruption they can create, and the long-term impact they can have on a house's value. The local searches a solicitor carries out during a sale or purchase show any proposals for the following in respect of any highway adjoining the property:

  • making it one-way
  • permanently stopping it up or diverting it
  • introducing parking restrictions or changing existing restrictions (including residents parking permits)
  • introducing width or weight restrictions
  • speed restrictions, traffic calming measures including speed humps (sleeping policemen)
  • cycle tracks
While buyers are unlikely to proceed if a home is in the direct line of a new road, they may be happy to go ahead if it appears that the building will not be directly affected.

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